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Feature rich help desk software solution. Suitable for use by any internal support function that receives enquiries from staff. From a link on your Intranet, this web browser based software provides your company employees with online support, request tracking and self-help even when you are not available. The unique design features will allow you to get up and running within hours of installing.

Conforms to the General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

User Login view

Staff call logging and self help

Internal staff may log support calls directly from a link on your Intranet using any web browser.

  • Full corporate integration with configurable fonts, colours and logo.
  • Configurable welcome message and ticker notifications.
  • Secure Windows authentication or quick and easy  new user creation.
  • Numerous options for additional validated information and forms entry.
  • Auto assignment and email notifications.
  • Template calls for rapid entry.
  • Intuitive self help with FAQs and Links to documents.
  • User call status enquiries, events entry and options to close their own calls.
  • Complaints procedure.
  • Satisfaction feedback surveys.
Operator Call view

Operator call management

Support Operators log into sitehelpdesk from any browser on your network.

  • Rapid user search and quick call entry features.
  • Call type scripting and forms to collect all relevant information.
  • Call linking with group updates and closures.
  • Attach files and include images.
  • Email notifications of new calls and updates.
  • Full audit history of event updates.
  • Knowledge base searches.
  • Availability and work load summaries.
  • Time sheet recording.
  • Organise into teams to cover for each other.
  • Set tasks and workflows for types of requests.
  • VIP Urgency flags.
  • Call prioritisation with SLA traffic light flags.
Charts view

Reports, graphs and charts

Comprehensive predefined reports and charts of call statistics with detailed enquiries.

  • Volume and performance dashboards.
  • Colourful 3D chart builder.
  • Time tracking and recharging/billing reports.
  • Trend analysis over time periods for resource planning.
  • SLA performance monitoring by key criteria.
  • Flexible call searchs and our own Report generator.
  • Summaries of statistics tabled.
  • Graph, chart and report generated pages may be saved as links and can be made available to staff.
  • Schedule reports auto emailed with the SLAmonitor add on.

All this and more at an unbeatable price

sitehelpdesk forms the core support service solution at the heart of our product range and may be downloaded from this site and used as the springboard to your in-house support - you just need a Microsoft server. Alternatively we can host it on the cloud for you.

If you are small IT department then sitehelpdesk might meet your immediate requirements and you can easily upgrade to sitehelpdesk-IT later for the additional IT services features. You only pay the difference in price when upgrading.

Facilities Management and Site Services departments can take advantage of sitehelpdesk-FM . Alternatively you can install sitewebdesk if you support external customers.

All our helpdesk solutions integrate with SLAmonitor for enhanced SLA calculations and notifications, and with EMLmonitor to convert incoming emails to tickets. These modules have a number of other useful features.