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Helpdesk software specifically designed for support and account management of external customers. Includes all the features of sitehelpdesk service management tailored for your customers and their contacts as well as your products and services. Also includes optional change, problem and inventory management to the same ITIL standards as sitehelpdesk-IT.

In-house, on your web servers or hosted by us for 24/7 customer relationship management on the move.

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Customer support portal

Improve your online services and reduce the burden on your technical and sales resources.

  • Browser and smartphone interfaces for Customer Sales and Support enquiries.
  • Call logging, tracking, FAQ and self-help.
  • Personalised welcome messages.
  • Head Office access to cranch calls.
  • Identify products or services and inventory items during call logging.
  • Web links to relevant documents, resources, promotions, etc.
  • Customer feedback form and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Allows customers to log and track change requests.
  • Assign key contacts as administratiors of their customer details and contacts.
  • Auto allocation and notification to designated support or sales teams.
  • Complies with GDPR 'right to be forgotten'.
  • Utilise EMLmonitor to receive enquires and support requests directly into your helpdesk.
Account Management view

Account management

Instant access to latest customer details and support issues.

  • Hold details of leads, prospects and customers.
  • Track communications, add attachments such as quotations.
  • Customer event history and diary records.
  • Configurable fields to analyse markets sectors and regions.
  • Assign specific Account Managers or Sales Teams and Support Teams to customers.
  • Provide Account Managers with access directly to their own customer records.
  • Record contacts and assign general customer logins or contact level login.
  • Obtain contact email lists compliant with GDPR opt out.
  • Viewable call histories and reporting based on customer hierarchies.
  • Set SLA profiles for each customer.
  • Track time, expenses and materials and produce billing reports.
  • Group customers for specific document links and FAQs.
  • Set up your products or services and assign to customers.
  • Track calls against products and services.
Customer support view

Inventory, change & problem

Turn on the features that enhance your service delivery.

  • Change Management:
  • Manage changes to products through integrated change and release management.
  • Track customer related projects.
  • Manage the change progress and approval process through to completion.
  • Problem Management:
  • Problem management features consistent with sitehelpdesk-IT tailored to identify problems with products and services.
  • Use problem management tools to analyse trends and issues.
  • Manage Problem resoluton progress.
  • Known error work arounds available in knowledgebase searches.
  • Inventory Management:
  • Record customer inventories.
  • History of incidents and changes.
  • Configurable data collection to suit the types of inventory held.
  • Maintenance schedules, requests and warranty returns tracking.

All this and more at an unbeatable price

Integrates with WMImonitor for web browser based hardware and software inventory auditing and physical configuration change control. Monitoring of service updates and system events.

All our helpdesk solutions integrate with SLAmonitor for enhanced SLA calculations and notifications, and with EMLmonitor to convert incoming emails to tickets. These modules have a number of other useful features.

What Others Think

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“sitewebdesk may be economocal to purchase, but it is certainly not economical on features. It is simple to set up, upgrade and support, but comprehensive enough for our staff, and training takes less than an hour”

Mike Vann, Manager, Hotel Technology Management (HTM) Ltd