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Incoming email ticketing system which connects your email server to your service desk, converting incoming emails to tickets and adding replies as events. May be used to connect to multiple emails addresses.

Note: Our help desk products do not require EMLmonitor for outgoing email notifications which is a core feature and managed within the help desk software.

EMLmonitor application view

EMLmonitor application

Automates the process of recording emails in the service desk.

  • Runs as a Windows service on your helpdesk server.
  • Creates call tickets from new emails.
  • Adds replies back from end users or customers to the current call ticket or change request.
  • Automatically adds all email attachments or embedded images to the ticket.
  • Automatic call assignment and email notifications to support operators.
  • Optionally send an email reply to end user/customer with your message and their new call ticket ID.
  • Pre-formatted emails to auto populate call fields.
  • Build template calls based on email subject lines.
  • Ignore specified email subjects such as 'auto replies' and 'unavailable' messages.
  • Ignores spam emails.
  • Operator email replies to notifications are auto forwarded to customers.
EMLmonitor interface view

Manual interface

Connect to your service email address from within the help desk.

  • Access to your email queue from your help desk menu.
  • Attend to unprocessed emails.
  • Delete junk emails.
  • Allows replies without logging calls to redirect unwanted communications.
  • Add new users and customers/contacts quickly as you work.
  • Select existing call or changes to add emails as Events.
  • Utilise call templates to complete fields.
  • Sends email notifications of call logged as specified in the helpdesk configuration.

The case for email monitoring

Many companies have now evolved an email culture where the majority of communications are managed in this way.

Emails are loaded with problems when used in the support environment. Communications get lost, threads and all actions taken are not visible and most importantly there is little or no reporting of volumes or resolutions at the end of the process.

Our web based help desk products recognise the importance of emails and integrate them with the helpdesk.

EMLmonitor integrates email and help desk by:

• Allowing staff and customers to email requests which are then automatically (or manually) converted to tickets.
• Making the helpdesk available 24/7 with an email call logging option and automated call ID number responses.
• Bringing all email replies back into the helpdesk ticket to ensure all communication threads leading to a resolution are recorded against the ticket.
• Reporting of date and times of call being logged by email are based on when support requests are made, rather than when support staff are available to convert email requests to tickets.

What Others Think

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“We use EMLmonitor to its full extent and it's invaluable for automated communications..”

Mark Sullivan, IT Services Manager, Thesis Asset Management

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