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Service Level Agreement application that enhances the service delivery management features of our core service desk products.

SLA is defined as a means to categorise the priority and severity of service requests to ensure a prompt and consistent response within end user or customer expectations.

Monitoring SLAs and performance reporting ensures customer satisfaction goals are met and you achieve the long term service improvement objectives of your organisation.

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Core SLA features

All our help desk products provide a mechanism to record and track Service Level Agreements to prioritise work.

  • Hold multiple response and resolve durations against an SLA priority.
  • Set escalation times to warn of approaching thresholds.
  • Displays traffic light flags in open call lists and on call detail page.
  • Reporting on calls that are inside and outside the SLA category with a percentage hit and drill down enquiry.
  • flexible reporting and charting of success rates by various variables, e.g. customer, sites, departments, operator etc, and user definable fields.
  • sitewebdesk also allows you to manage independent SLA profiles for your various customer agreements - e.g. gold, silver and bronze support.
  • Predefined template of SLA priorities to ITIL recommendations specifically for IT support but useful as a basis for any other support service.
  • Core applications calculate call durations on a simplified 24 hour clock basis which will suit some support operations but not all.
  • Preconfigured with SLA priorities to ITIL recommendations specific to IT support but useful as a starting base for any other support service.
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Application interface

SLAmonitor integrates with our help desk products to monitor calls based on their SLA priority

  • Runs in the background as a Windows service.
  • Perfomance against SLAs calculated taking into consideration normal working hours of the support department and any holiday periods.
  • SLAmonitor clock can be stopped by 'deferring' a call when passed to third party support or when waiting for user/customer responses.
  • Email notifications may be sent to predefined Operators, Teams or their Managers when a call exceeds any of the thresholds set.
  • Enhanced reporting of SLA related call times and percentage succesful against both response and fix times with full drill down enquiry.
  • Detailed reports of call durations, deffered time and time to complete.
  • Full audit trail of actions taken by SLAmonitor are kept in the event log of each call.

Additional features:

  • Email notifications to assigned operator when scheduled follow ups fall due.
  • Email notifications to assigned operator when Due Dates (outside of SLA) fall due.
  • Scheduled calls automatically created and assigned at specific dates and times to cover periodic and recurring work.
  • Schedule emails automatically created and sent at specific dates and times with links to the latest charts or reports built from SQL data quiries.

The case for Service Level Agreements

Managers need complete and accurate statistics of call volumes and work throughput to help justify budgets and to maintain the correct level of resource skills. It is of paramount important therefore, to encourage a culture of working to SLAs and recording all support requests as soon as they arise. Our service desks provide the means for rapid and effortless entry of all work done when answering quiries and solving problems.

Demonstrating the actual volume of work received and the time taken to completion can provide the support team with motivational targets of quality service provision and help monitor ongoing service improvements with the aid of survey features.

What Others Think

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“SLA monitor provides a visual representation of all our jobs which are
out of priority time on our SLA’s”
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Richard Taylor, Technical Support Analyst, Wirral Partnerhsip Homes, trading as Magenta Living

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