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Service Desk Solutions has been providing Help Desk Software for over twenty years. We provide service desk solutions for any type of internal service with special features for IT Services and Facilities Management, including life cycle asset management. We also provide a solution for external Customer Support and Account Management.

Browser independent

Access your helpdesk and customer account manager features from any web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Flexible and easy to use

The careful design allows you to configure to suit the way you work, which is why we have an extensive range of customers in all markets.

Affordable solutions

The initial cost of our products may be less than your current annual maintenance so be sure to compare our prices or ask for a quotation and begin making savings straight away.

Discounted prices

National Health Services, educational establishments and registered charities benefit from a 15% discount on published prices.

Dynamic reporting

Full enquiry reporting on your service desk data complimented with colourful charts. Tailor your Dashboard of key performance indicators.

On premises or cloud

Our software runs on any Microsoft server utilising Internet Information Services. Run in-house, from your web site or utilise our cloud option.

What We Do


Our help desk software solutions have been carefully designed to meet customer expectations. They are easy to install with simple guides and extensive documentation online. We are of course always here to help and can provide consultancy and training if you do not have the time and resource to manage your new service desk implementation.

We continually enhance our products based on "real world" customer experiences and requirements. Bespoke work is also carried out if necessary to meet all your requirements. We provide the source code so that no ESCRO agreement is required and you may make your own modifications.

We recognise that not all support services are the same and have built our software to be highly configurable to match the way you work. Turn on and off features to suit your needs and instantly change the terminology to your corporate requirements. Add your own logo, change colours and fonts to match your corporate image. Shared open source code allows full integration with company web sites.

We provide a range of service desks to match the various types of services you provide. This allows specific features to be incorporated without complicating the set up or use by areas of the business to which they do not apply.

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