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Fully integrate with Microsoft platforms for a 100% web based Microsoft help desk software solution.

We deliver fast, efficient and highly intuitive web based help desk software applications that are designed for their specific function yet easily configurable to fit the way you work.

Direct web updates on tickets and two way email tracking ensures all communications are maintained in the help desk.

Simple to Set-up and Easily Configured

The features, fonts, colour schemes and terminology are easily configured from the Administration menu for seamless integration with your existing Intranet or Corporate web site. Many optional features are available for first class support of your customers or end users. For the more adventurous, Shared Open Source Code* ensures ultimate flexibility of design and gives you peace of mind without the need for the protection of ESCROW agreements.

Latest Technologies for fast Browser Access

Built on Active Server Pages (ASP) for security and ease of modification. Web pages are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum impact on existing resources. TCP/IP browser network access, HTTP traffic and web page caching for the most efficient use of network resources. Engineered for fast browser response even via 56K modem dial up and wireless tablets and smart phones.

Microsoft Server Platform - On Premises Installations


  • Any Microsoft Operating System (except Home and Basic editions which do not support IIS)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) all versions
  • Processor PIII +  Intel 600Mhz +
  • Memory : 1GB Ram +
  • HardDisk : Allow 2Gb for growth.
  • Runs on Virtual Servers and with Terminal Services
  • MS Access or MS SQL Server back end databases

 Cloud Server option

Let us run your helpdesk on our servers.

  • Competitive monthly charges based on number of support staff / modules.
  • No up front license or installation costs
  • No annual maintenance fees
  • Configured with your logo. You can use your own domain name url or we can provide one.
  • Secure backups.
  • FTP access available.
  • HTTPS/ SSL Server certificates available for secure connections if preferred.

Check out the cloud option pricing here.

Ease of Connection via Client Computers

Internal Users or external Customers only require a web browser that supports java and frames such as  Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari. No specific client side installations are required. Just provide them with the  URL (web address) or a link from your Intranet or web site to the User/Customer pages which incorporate Call logging, Tracking, Call updating, FAQ's and other optional pages and features.

Support Operators require the URL to the main help desk program we recommend Internet Explorer or any browser, Tablet, Smart Phone to review and update their assigned call tickets and carry out other important functions on the move.

Flexible Backend Database Options

Helpdesk Software installation to either Microsoft Access 2000 database back end (installation of MS Access is not required) or direct to Microsoft SQL Server (all versions including  MSDE and Express). There is no additional charge dependent on the back end database.  Contact us after initial install for our specific upsizing  instructions if you want to move from Access to SQL Server.

WMImonitor requires Microsoft SQL Server as the back end database and fully integrates with the service desk.

We also have options to integrate with MS SMS / SCCM and other leading inventory management applications such as Centennial Discovery. At no extra charge!. These integrations make the PC and Server data available from within a call ticket by direct ODBC connections to the third party asset database. Providing up to date information about hardware configuration including installed software and change history. Highlighting such issues as disk space shortages and configuration changes planned or unplanned. The support desk will not even be aware that they have connected to the external inventory database as the interface is seamlessly integrated with the helpdesk.

*Shared Open Source Code Definition

Shared Open Source allows viewing and modification of web pages used in the application subject to the End User License agreement (EULA). Source code is only made available to license customers after purchase. It is not free software and does not transfer rights of ownership.

Standish Group found that open source has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers.

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