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IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Service Managementcustomer satisfaction

sitehelpdesk-IT and sitewebdesk have been designed to provide the essential mechanisms for tracking, collating, reporting and auditing the IT Service Management processes to provide security and control features recommended in the IT Infrastructure Library - ITIL ®.

We also cover the main record keeping requirements of the British Standard Institute's standards BS7799 / ISO 17799 Information Security and BS 15000 IT Service Management standards.

Go the the British Standards information page for further details about our commitment to these Standards.

Firstly, Beware of Marketing Hype surrounding ITIL:

There is no ITIL 'compliance' anywhere as it is not a 'standard' but a set of guidelines.

No helpdesk software solution can cover all aspects of IT Service Management to satisfy all of the ITIL recommendations and a certain amount of internal organisation, policy documentation and procedures need to be established outside of any computer software system. 

We have designed practical working solutions using a continual development program fed by our customers real world issues. All new features are incorporated with a view to the ITIL recommendations whilst striving to keep the products uncluttered and simple to use so as to remain effective in the support process and very importantly, without additional burden. It is worthy to note that ITIL V3 was released as a result of feedback from the industry that the current version was unfriendly, theoretical and did not match working practices, which endorses our approach. We believe we have one of the best ITIL service desk software comparison to other products.

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

ITIL guidesThis is a comprehensive set of documents advising on best management practices devised by the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC) for the provision of quality IT services. sitehelpdesk-IT and sitewebdesk provide the record keeping and reporting tools to help you to comply with the ITIL process. Many of the requirements are met by virtue of addressing the standards mentioned above but others are more specific to the actual working practices in IT support services and their monitoring and review. 

sitehelpdesk-IT is a fully automated service for users of your IT resources and gives them instant access to their call history records, hardware and loan allocations so that they can share in the responsibility for security, accountability, problem management and control. Continual Improvement may be monitored via reporting of incident volumes, problem type trend analysis, Operator performance etc alongside automated SLA calculations and flexible reports expressed in percentages so that improvements may be measured over time.

Incident Management

Incident Management process in ITIL terms, provides the tools and mechanisms for a quick recovery of service issues to the agreed service level (response and fix times). The service levels are defined within a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and assigned to calls when first logged. Incident recording and resolution and tracking of SLA's with email notifications and escalations are central to all our systems. FAQ's and document links along with definable scripting provides users with self help for prompt resolution of problems.

Problem Management

The aim of ITIL Problem Management is to decrease the number of incidents by pre-empting and resolving the errors, identifying trends and reporting on these. Association of change requests/ trouble tickets and hardware records identify the trends which are graphically summarised and available directly from the call management pages. Underlying trends of continuing problems may be analysed quickly via handy graphical analysis and flagged as Problems. This in turn may initiate a Change management procedure. Problem management performance may be monitored and the effect of change initiatives. Historic calls related to hardware and the user/customer further helps to identify trends and recurring issues even of a non problem nature -e.g. user training requirements.

Change Management

ITIL Change Management process provides a mechanism to control and manage the initiation, implementation and review of all proposed changes to the operational IT infrastructure, in order to minimise the impact of change related incidents upon service delivery. sitehelpdesk-IT and sitewebdesk have integrated change request and release management which is highly configurable to match your circumstances. Change Requests may be associated to many calls and/or inventory items (and one call ticket/inventory item may be associated to many change requests). Tracking occurs through to Approval and Release. There may be multiple approvals (or declines) and any member of staff may be involved in the process so Head of Departments can approve systems changes that directly effect them. The addition of WMImonitor takes this a stage further with full audit tracking of all physical software and hardware installations and configuration changes and maintains a complete history which is available from a link in the Call management. There is also the facility to receive email notification of these changes or they may be viewed remotely from a browser. Templates may be set up to automatically create and assign responsibilities for the process to ensure it is completed on schedule and in a consistent manner.

Configuration Management

The ITIL Configuration Management process covers the identification, control, status accounting and verification of the components of the IT infrastructure (configuration items, assets) and their relations. The main goal of this process is to provide information about these components that is used in other service management processes. The hardware records are fully integrated in sitehelpdesk-IT (for internal IT support) and sitewebdesk (for IT service management organisations) with views of associated HW from calls or calls from the HW records and audit logs of maintenance, and warranty returns. WMImonitor can be used to audit the inventory across the network and keep track of all physical configuration changes made, with full history. This integrates with the helpdesks for seamless enquiry.

Release Management (Software Control)

ITIL Release Management is the planning, design, build, configuration and testing of hardware and software for controlled release into the live environment. Release Management works closely with the Change Management and Configuration Management processes.

sitehelpdesk-IT and sitewebdesk Change and Release management processes allow the controlled management of change requests through all stages to release. Multiple release approvals (or declines) may be initiated via email and tracked. There are other applications available outside of service desk software that enhance this function and provide secure checking in and out of compiled code and version release management. One such tools is Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. There is the facility to record the location of such compiled code and software version release with in the Release Management module.

Service Level Management

The ITIL Service Level Management process covers the negotiation, definition, contract, monitoring and the reviewing of the levels of customer service. This is achieved in the sitehelpdesk-IT and sitewebdesk service desks through SLA Categorising and cost tracking and reporting. 

The basic products provide simplified SLA tracking and notification with traffic light flags on calls exceeding their response times and date/time records are held against each ticket for call initiation, response, events and fix times. An additional SLAmonitor module may also be installed to enhance the monitoring and to provide email notification for escalation and audit logging. Calls may have their SLA clock stopped out of working hours, during holidays and when passed to third parties for resolution.

Customer satisfaction surveys are available though the scripting function. Continual Service improvement being a key component of an ITIL service desk.

Cost Management

ITIL Cost Management aim is to identify, track and report on the costing and charging of IT services. Our applications allow the allocation of time and related expenses to call activities which have predefined charge out rates. Billing and flexible time sheet reports are available for recharging.

Availability Management

ITIL Availability Management optimises the availability of the IT infrastructure. This is provided by WMImonitor which may be configured to notify Operators of such changes.

Capacity Management

Capacity management deals with the monitoring and tuning of existing services to ensure that performance and throughput levels are optimised.  The sitehelpdesk-IT central data repository and linking of calls to items of hardware ensures full reporting of related issues for ongoing improvements to service. Links into WMImonitor or MS SMS provide specific capacity reports available from the sitehelpdesk-IT and sitewebdesk menu.

Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning provides planning for recovering IT services in a disaster situation and is a key feature of sitehelpdesk-IT with Insurance and Disaster Recovery pack reporting that will be kept up to date by virtue of the other features of the helpdesk.

Summing Up

One overriding benefit of the sitehelpdesk-IT and sitewebdesk products are that they hold all the necessary records in one central database, combining the helpdesk with configuration management (CMDB). This provides the relationships of the record and associations to meet ITIL recommendations without the need for multiple product installations. The web based interface is ideal for drill down and pop up windows of related information. The central repository of CMDB and Helpdesk also provides a focus for entering, managing changes and enquiry/reporting, ensuring that records are comprehensive and up to data. You will no longer need to rely on disparate information held in multiple formats located in often inaccessible locations across the network.

The outstanding feature of all our systems is the ease and simplicity in use. Technicians do not want to be burdened with a cumbersome and complex application that requires a lot of data entry and maintenance. If this happens then the system is not fully utilised and statistics and processes suffer and in the worse cases, the system falls into disuse. The introduction of ITIL processes in an organisation should enhance and not burden the scarce support resources. ITIL's cost effectiveness in providing service improvement can be achieved at a low cost that is far exceeded by the benefits. Contact sales@sitehelpdesk.com for a cost benefit analysis of our software which can be used to justify the small investment required to adopt an ITIL service desk.

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