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SLAmonitor integrates with the following help desk programs:

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Product box shotAn SLA Service Level Agreement application that enhances the  service delivery management features of our core service desk products.

SLA Definition

SLA is defined as a means to categorise the Priority and Severity of service requests to ensure a prompt and consistent response within end user or customer expectations, This SLA definition is expanded in the ITIL Service Level agreement Management  compliancy which is central to effective IT service management.

Standard SLA Features of our help desk products

All our help desk products provide a mechanism to record and track Service Level Agreements as a method to prioritise work.

This is achieved by holding an Escalation, Response and Resolve durations against a service level agreement category. This category is assigned to calls either automatically based on the type of request or manually when entering or updating a call. The standard helpdesk products provide;

  • As many SLA priorities as you require.
  • Display traffic light flags in open call lists to clearly identify calls where an SLA threshold has been reached on both response and resolve times.
  • Reporting on calls that are inside and outside the SLA category with a percentage hit and drill down enquiry.
  • sitewebdesk also allows you to manage independent SLA profiles for your various customer agreements - e.g gold, silver and bronze support.
  • The core applications calculate call durations calculated on a 24 hour clock basis which will suit some support operations but not all and so enhance calculations are done in the background by SLAmonitor.
  • Pre-defined template SLA priorities to ITIL recommendations specifically for IT support but useful as a basis for any other support service.

Enhanced features with SLAmonitor services

SLAmonitor is an executable program that resides on the web server and runs in the background as a service. It integrates with our helpdesk products to monitor calls based on their SLA category.

  • The call status durations are calculated taking into consideration the normal working hours of the support department and any holiday periods.
  • The SLAmonitor clock can be stopped by 'deferring' a call when passed to third party support or when waiting for user/customer responses.
  • E-mail notifications may be sent to predefined Operators, Teams or their Managers when a call exceeds any of the thresholds set.
  • Email notifications are sent when scheduled Follow ups fall due.
  • Enhanced reporting of SLA related call times and percentage hits against both Response and Fix times with full drill down enquiry.
  • Full audit trail of actions taken by SLAmonitor are kept in the Event log of each call that is updated.
  • SLAmonitor has another feature where calls may be automatically scheduled to occur at specific dates and times to cover recurring work such as backup cycles or maintenance schedules.

What does SLA mean to your Organisation?

Included is comprehensive documentation to help you define your SLA priorities to satisfy customers and management expectations. Explains the need for realistic goal setting and comprehensive reporting of performance against targets.

Monitoring SLA's and performance reporting ensures these goals are met to satisfy the long term service improvement objectives of your organisation.


SLAmonitor is not available for download - email for an upgrade after installing your helpdesk application.

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“This was exactly what we were looking for, easy to use, user friendly and with excellent support”

Luis Medina, IT Manager
Cardtronics LP


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